Drops of water – Ann Celina
The Monkey Cave

Drops of water

img_0184And as I sat there I felt everything.

The strong wind playfully touched my hair.
Every single strand of hair were caressed by the now calm wind.
And I sucked it all in.
I couldn’t get enough since it reminded me of him.
The water eddied around me and single drops hit my body and my face.
They reminded me of the drops I released because of him.
The drops dried out leaving only the so familiar salty taste.
But this was different from before.

The dried out drops left a feeling of freedom now.
Not like before where they where shame and sadness.
The wind whispered around me to let go.
To unfold and give up all the pain he had caused me.
To taste the water again.
To feel relief in the mild air that was still flowing through my hair.
To cry but only because it is a realisation of how beautiful the world is also without him.

So I did.

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